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Kaura was born with the aim of designing spaces economically feasible, aesthetically timeless and a profound respect for our natural resources.

We refuse to build ephemerally, thinking long-term, valuing local skills and local materials. Founded in 2018 by Letizia Caprile and Emilio Caprile, in Kaura we believe that to give more is to receive more in terms of more dynamic cities and greater opportunities for leisure and emotional wellbeing. The revolution starts within, and ends with a new urban economy that is less volatile and unsustainable, where risk is mitigated at every link of the production chain, and the best way to grow is to rebuild.




IE Business School 2019

Retail Apocalypse and the Rebirth of Brick & Mortar

IE Architecture and Design School 2019

Architecture, what comes next?

Vatel Hospitality School 2019

Experiential Architecture in Hospitality

ExpoHIP Hospitality Innovation Planet 2020

Interior Design for Hospitality Spaces Panel

IE Center for Innovation and Sustainability 2020

Sustainability and Entrepeneurship Panel

COPE Radio 2020

Interview on Experiential Architecture

The Objective by Andrés Miguel Rondón

The Future is Offline

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