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Dilieto Sandwich Bar




Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management & Construction Administration


Pasquale Caprile


When we received the proposal for the refurbishment of this space, its potential, location, natural light and the height of the ceilings attracted us. In the development of the conceptual line with the owners of the business, we decided to maintain its English origins and to enhance the brand palette in the identity of the space.

To draw attention from pedestrians, and taking advantage of the visibility of the big open shop windows, we introduced a play of shapes and contrast colors.

Each corner was designed for different “moments” aimed at a daytime audience, such as the loft for more intimate breaks, low bars to sit down with a book or computer and the high bar for a fast coffee. Finally, being a cozy coffeeshop, the quality of acoustics were treated with great care, using the decorative panels on the walls we hid the noise absorbing foam that improved the indoor comfort.


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